We did a thing!

Within the event industry, we here at SoBe Booths are wildly known for eagerly sponsoring networking events where we can showcase some of our wild ideas and the latest in our contemporary output.  This year, during G.M.I.D. the joint meeting held by many of our illustrious event groups including I.L.E.A. South Florida & Caribbean Chapter, as well as the N.A.C.E. South Florida chapter and others we decided to do something a little unexpected.  Deviating away from a traditional Headshot Bar, we were inspired by the aesthetics of the host property FAENA and the FAENA Forum with the rich gold and marble of the facility.  Hence, Studio Halcyon was born!  A seemingly traditional headshot coupled with specialized printing methods to fuse the output image with gold foil for a truly upscale and memorable keepsake image.  The prints were photo-finished on archival paper, hand ripped, and presented in standing lucite frames, complete with the event logo in gold as well.

We’re always excited to bring fun and fresh ideas to our industry, and Studio Halcyon is another great example of our ‘gold standard’ (cheesy, we know) of accomplishing just that.

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