Project Description

What’s This?

When social media is your goal for your next event, the Instagram Photo Bar is at the heart of the interaction.  Boasted as the ultimate form of crowd-sourcing event images, the #SOCIAL Party Photo Bar invites guests to get social by uploading images to their own Instagram accounts using a special hashtag.  Once live via the public stream, our Photo Bar brands each image for the event’s custom prints, and allows guests to tweet, e-mail, post the branded images to their Facebook timeline, or print out a physical copy.  And the presence of our Instagram Photo Bar isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out.  Through the use of custom event slideshows, images thrown into the photo stream to encourage others to participate, Instagram ready digital frames on display at the event, and social icon cards, awareness at the event is just as easy as printing from the Photo Bar.

Tell Me More!

  • Guest Driven Photo Sharing
  • Instagram & Twitter Capable Monitoring
  • Custom Print Branding
  • Interactive Social Printing Kiosk
  • Social Media Concierge Staff
  • Post-Event Report
  • Selfie Stars Approved

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • LIVE Moderated Slideshow
  • Call To Action Signage
  • Incentive Programming
  • Contest Mode