Themed Experiences

R Cubed

the perfect photo op for your totally tubular and rad 80s party.  Pass up on R-Cubed?  As if!

1920's Photo Booth

1920s Booth

When your Gatsby themed event needs a little more than just the average gold sequins.  This booth is true razzamataz.

London Phone Booth Photo Booth

London Booth

The iconic look of the London Phone Booth with a photo twist, bring a little slice of the Monarchy to your next event

Custom Green Screen Studio with digital props

Green Screen

Immerse, recreate, explore, or just plain get wild.  Green Screen photo ops are where it’s at.

Pop Socket Studio

Tiny pics, on the back of your phone of your cute face!  Who can say no to that?

Pop Sketch LIVE

Portraits that make it POP.  Our LIVE artists are there to make the colors sing.