Art Nouveau

What’s This?

Meticulously captured, artfully curated, and digitally presented, the Pop Sketch LIVE studio is a neon dream.  Our photo team crafts the perfect black & white image of guests during each meticulously considered photo session resulting in some creative options for our artists.  Carefully selected images are then digitally enhanced at our artists hands, and uploaded to our live gallery for sharing and downloads.  Perfect for the neon enthusiast, a event with a synthwave feel, or pop-art lovers alike.

Tell Me More!

  • Curated B&W Photo Sessions
  • Two LIVE Artists On Site
  • Live Monitor Feed of Artists’ Work
  • Immediate Gallery Uploads
  • Optional Print Station Add-On
  • Pop-Art Style Output
  • Branded Event Images

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Specialized Metallic Photo Paper
  • Additional Artists
  • Custom Online Gallery