Unique Experiences

Smile Pod

The sleek and stylish workhorse of the SoBeBooths line up that’s capable, brandable, and versatile.

Glam Booth Photo

Glam Booth

The beauty of B&W photography with the magic of a Hollywood make up artist all rolled in to one.

Art Series Photo Booth

Art Series

Classic, modern, a stand out, and beautifully subtle.  The Art Series is as capable as it is beautiful in any event.

Cinematic Animated Green Screen Gif Photo Booth

MVMT Studio

SoBeBooths’ high tech Animated GIF studio helps to bring your event’s social sharing to the forefront

Slomo booth

Slo Mo Booth

A multimedia sensation capturing fleeting moments of excitement and turning it into velocity anchoring goodness

Custom Wrapped Super Booth

The Photo Shoot

As the ‘Roller Coaster of Photo Booths’, The Photo Shoot is a fun ride with your own personal photographer

Selfie Mirror

The days of crowding around a bathroom mirror to take a selfie are over…instead, use our booth!

SoBe Neon light painting Booth

SoBe Neon

One part old school photographic techniques, two parts pixie dust, and infinite parts awesome.

The SoBe Photo Booth

The SoBe

The Flagship of SoBeBooths, ‘The SoBe’ is our first, and still best, unique photo booth experience.

Flipping a Flip Book Sample

Flip Books

You know when you used to doodle in class making flip drawings back and forth?  It’s like that!

Art Nouveau

It’s like your own personal Van Gogh portrait, minus all the severed body parts and melancholy.


Our specialized green screen hologram studio magic.  Fliptography is a light bending phenomenon!