What’s This?

Presenting the first of our line in video booth entertainment, the Slo Mo Booth!  Featuring an HD High-Speed camera and studio lighting, the Slo Mo Booth is an impressive and interactive experience for events that is sure to keep everyone entertained.  Featuring the use of unique motion props such as confetti, silly string, pom-poms, air poppers, bubble guns, and more the Slo Mo Booth is a slapdash of enjoyment.  Coupling the cinematic video clip with the ability to share via social media during an event, the Slo Mo Booth also becomes a great source of instant gratification that can also be shared on any mobile device.

Tell Me More!

  • Exclusive Digital Output
  • 120 FPS Image Capture
  • Animated Key-Framed Video
  • Social Media Share Capable
  • Branded Video Output
  • Motion Prop Catalog Included

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Advanced Key-Framing
  • Programmable Audio Overlay
  • Intro/Outra Graphic Branding
  • Upgraded Motion Props