Smile Pod
Smile pod with custom backdrop
Custom Smile Pod
Custom Photo Booth Print
Custom Photo Booth Print
Custom Photo Booth Print
Custom Photo Booth Print
Custom Photo Booth Print
Cinematic Animated Green Screen Gif Photo Booth
Custom Photo Booth Print

What’s This?

When a sleek, open concept photo booth is what you need, the Smile Pod is where it’s at.  Noted for its contemporary design, small foot print, and powerful image capture the Smile Pod is an all-in-one solution for events of all shapes and sizes.  Capable of being branded on each facet of its design, the Smile Pod lends itself to great brand alignment opportunities during events including custom interfaces for the specialized photo booth software that it runs.  Connect our Smile Pod kiosk with any of our various Social Media solutions, and you come away with the perfect set of elements for a successful activation.

Tell Me More!

  • Elegant Styling & Small Footprint
  • Social Media Sharing Included
  • Tilt Head For Guests Of All Sizes
  • Unique Photo Print Out Options
  • Brandable For Increased Exposure
  • Optional Green Screen Capabilities
  • Pairs Well With A Live Image Slideshow, Custom Backdrop Or A Nice Merlot*

*SoBeBooths Would Like To Remind Everyone To Drink Responsibly

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Customizable Branded Wrap
  • Tons of Print Options
  • Animated GIF Upgrades
  • Custom Backdrop Accompaniment
  • Custom Social Media Stand