Flip Skinz

What’s This?

Want to make a green screen studio even cooler?   Give it the hologram treatment, with our Fliptography studio.  Our team of hosts guide guests through their grouped images to create this ‘flipping’ photo print composed and printed right on the spot.  Unique green screen designs created for each event are at the center of the action as each event is directed specifically to fit its theme or campaign.  Capable of tremendous brand customization thanks to its digital green screen technology, this keepsake is something that guests won’t ever want to put down.

Tell Me More!

  • Customized Green Screen Experience
  • Animated Flipping Hologram
  • GIF Output For Social Sharing
  • Interactive Print Experience
  • Studio Quality Lighting
  • Branded Output

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Upgraded Print Sizes
  • 3-D Style Hologram
  • Photo Easels