Technology is always changing, improving, and challenging us to perform in new and different ways for our clients.  Nowhere is this more prevalent this week than with our SloMo Booth and it’s upgraded image capture and HD quality output.  Our SlowMo studio has gone through a radical technological overhaul which allows us to benefit from a new camera source that lets us use less intrusive lights all while still attaining a remarkably improved image output with richer colors and depth.  But, all of the boring technical stuff aside, our SlowMo Booth now includes other great new toys with its booking.  Programmed using some of the most advanced software available, each guests’ interaction at the SloMo Booth is distinct from the next.  Our booth randomly selects a recording style befitting the interaction using various key-frame techniques and video styles, making each session unique and great for multiple visits.  It’s a great day when we get to make something that was already amazing, even better!

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