Project Description

Unique Photo Keepsakes

Art Nouveau

It’s like having your own personal Van Gogh, but without all the severed body parts and melancholy

Flip Skinz Photo Phone case

Flip Skinz

Personalized cell phone cover magic.  Flip Skinz is a light bending phenomenon

Flipping a Flip Book Sample

Flip Books

You know when you used to doodle in class making flip back and forth?  It’s like that!

Brian Art kiosk

Brain Art

It reads your mind and deepest thoughts…not really…but it does help you create some great art

Custom Photo Charms and Dog Tags


As classic as a mix tape, as memorable as a Trapper Keeper, Charms are the old school keepsake that take you back

Custom Photo ID Booth

SoBe IDs

Who needs the novelty store at the mall to get their i.d. card fix, SoBe IDs kiosk has you covered from snark to sass.