Project Description

What’s This?

You want something new and cool for your event.  No, you need something new and cool for your event, and a regular photo op just won’t do.  Green Screen?  We’re over it!  GIFs?  Why bother?  You’re looking for something amazing that has all the interactivity that guests have come to love from a social media-centric option, but with new and crazy interactivity.  Enter the VR Photo Experience.  We start by toiling over a unique design created exclusively for your event inside a 3D modeling engine the likes of which are on part with some of the latest console games on the market.  Next, guests are captured using a specialized lensing technique that allows for the depth capture much like how our eyes see the world.  Finally, their image magically transformed into this virtual world where you can view the subject and the rest of the scene in stunning 360º.  Utilizing the motion trackers on the latest mobile devices, our custom micro-sites and the direct upload via the Facebook Panoramic Image function allow guests a completely bonkers photo op.

Tell Me More!

  • Custom 3D Virtual Scene
  • 2D or 3D Capture & Output
  • Social Media Friendly
  • Custom Microsite For Guest Viewing
  • Integrates with Google Cardboard
  • Direct Upload to Facebook Panorama Albums

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Custom 3D Scene Creations
  • Custom Additional Subject Capture Content
  • Google Cardboard Add-Ons
  • VR Video Experience Upgradable