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What’s This?

There is no simpler way of saying this, the Time Slice photo experience is the most compelling interaction that there is.  The spell binding imagery of our multi-cam array excites every event that it is brought on to enhance and gives guests a visual output that rivals anything that they’ve ever experienced.  The advanced camera rig captures its various perspectives simultaneously and without even a millisecond of delay, delivering a multi-viewpoint animated GIF within seconds of the capture.  This branded output is then made immediately available via the connected share stations for immediate upload to social media.  The Mannequin Challenge has nothing on our Time Slice array.

Tell Me More!

  • Synced Multi-Camera Array
  • Small, Medium, Large Arcs & 360 Arrays Available
  • Custom Image Branding and Guest Interaction
  • Beautifully Calibrated GIF Output
  • Works Great With Wild Props
  • Multiple Configurations for Customizing

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • LIVE Slideshow via A/V
  • Custom Branded Micro-Sites
  • Multiple Social Media Outputs
  • Branded Backdrop & Shoot Area
  • Digital Overlays & Green Screen Upgrade