Project Description

The Loft - Unique Style Contemporary Output
Loft Photo Booth
Loft Photo Booth

What’s This?

Another in our great and unique line of photo booths, the SoBe Loft brings the traditional booth experience with a unique and contemporary design to your event. Built with the ability to have the entirety of its walls customized, SoBe Loft is a unique experience that is perfect for branding to your event. Spacious enough for many guests, and complete with our high-tech DSLR cameras and studio lighting, you can expect nothing less than a stunning experience inside.  And, in addition to the traditional photo booth experience, SoBe Loft also brings animated gif capability to its bag of tricks, creating a unique social media experience for branding.

Tell Me More!

  • Fully Enclosed Photo Booth Experience
  • Various Exteriors To Fit Event Decor
  • Brandable Exterior & Interior Options
  • Many Unique Print Out Options To Choose
  • Traditional Photo Booth Experience
  • Cultivated Guest Experience From Booth Hosts
  • Less Expensive Than Any Manhattan Apartment Of Equal Size

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Customizable Brand Exterior/Interior
  • LIVE Monitor Slideshow
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Animated GIF Upgrade
  • Custom Props
  • Custom Sign-In Book