Project Description

SoBe IDs
Custom Fake ID card Photo Booth
Custom Fake ID card Photo Booth

What’s This?

Unique designs, exclusive to The South Beach Photo Booth Company, make SoBe I.D. a fantasy come to life for all of your guests. Our catalog of over 200 occupational, sports, movie inspired, funny, sci-fi, pop culture, novelty license, and credit card styles will keep everyone entertained well after the event with this fun keepsake. To add to the excitement of living out the fantasy, cards are personalized with a digital image of the guest captured on site, as well as their name or alias! Looking for something more personal? Our SoBe I.D.s can also be used as V.I.P. passes for your guests. Personalized on site with a digital image and the guests name, these designs are exclusive to your event. Themes, logos, colors, nothing is left out to make it a unique keepsake from your event alone! Place cards? Backstage passes complete with lanyards? Nothing is out of reach!

Tell Me More!

  • Custom Made ID Catalog User Interface
  • Over 150 Card Designs To Choose From
  • Genuine ID Card Print Out
  • Live View & Printing Confirmation Screens
  • Great For All Ages & Groups
  • Promises Never To Tell Your Real Age

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • Wrapped Kiosk Exterior
  • Custom ID Card Design
  • Logo Placement On Card Reverse