SoBe Neon
SoBe Neon Light Painting
SoBe Neon Light Painting
SoBe Neon Light Painting

What’s This?

SoBe Neon is a great way to bring your guests creative ideas into the light.  Our staff work with each guest to create a unique photo output during each session that reflects their unique style & personality.  With an array of analog and digital light painting tools at the ready, each session is guaranteed to be a fun and exciting surprise image once completed.

Tell Me More!

  • Interactive Art Inspired Photo Op
  • Wide Array of Light Painting Tools
  • Brand Ambassador Activated Sessions
  • Print & Digital Image Branding
  • Software Driven Image Creation
  • Creative Minds Encouraged

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • LIVE Slideshow via A/V
  • Digital Light Painting Additives
  • Custom Print Options