A live, guest-built photo mosaic, one photo at a time. Give your fans, employees, or guests the opportunity to take part in creating a massive work of art. The mosaic gradually reveals the overall image, encouraging guests and onlookers to take part in the creation process. Capable as a team-building exercise, a brand infused activation, or beautiful mosaic memento, the Photo Mosaic Wall can be created from hashtagged images across social media, photo feeds from texted images, or curated photos from a pre-populated album.  Just because your team is away from one another doesn’t mean you can’t come together in this tough time.  Our live digital feed is great for day events, or longer to help your digital campaign, with moderating capabilities.  Reach out to learn more of how we can help build something unique for your team, todday.

Do you have questions about PIXELATE?   Hit us up on the contact form, let us know how you would like to incorporate it to your needs, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

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